Sunday, February 15, 2009


*Sen. Schwartz takes a spin in an Electric Car*
SB 75 cruises out of Transportation Committee on 5-2 vote

DENVER-- Last Week, Senator Gail Schwartz (D-Snowmass) presented Senate Bill
75 before the Transportation Committee. The measure passed on a 5 -2 vote.
Voting for the measure were Senators Gibbs (D), Williams (D), Veiga (D),
Romer (D), and Spence (R).

SB 75 would open more Colorado low speed roads to fuel efficient electric
vehicles. Currently, Colorado has a patchwork of conflicting regulations
for these vehicles. By establishing statewide legislation for their
operation, Sen. Schwartz hopes to encourage more Coloradans to consider
using energy efficient electric cars.

“Electric cars are a greener way to travel and I am looking forward to
seeing more of them on Colorado city streets,” said Senator Schwartz. “By
facilitating their use we’re promoting an environmentally responsible
transportation option while outlining guidelines for their safe use.”

SB 75 will next be presented before the Senate Appropriations Committee.
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